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Boca Raton Driver’s License Suspension & Reinstatement Attorney

A Florida driver can have his or her driver’s license suspended for a number of reasons. Failure to pay a traffic ticket fine, driving under the influence of alcohol, failure to meet the state’s vision requirements, and accruing too many traffic violation points are all reasons why a driver’s license may be suspended. The length of the suspension is determined by the severity of the driver’s offense.

It is possible to have one’s license reinstated. In most cases, this occurs when the driver has fixed the issue that caused him or her to have the license suspended or the court-ordered suspension duration of time has passed. For some drivers, appealing the suspension is a possible way to have it restored. If you think you might have grounds to file an appeal to have your driver’s license restored, contact the Boca Raton license suspension attorneys at Lavalle, Brown & Ronan, P.A. Our team will listen to the details of your case and if you qualify, help you work through the appeal process to have your driver’s license restored.

Driver’s License Suspension Periods in Florida

Some offenses have predetermined lengths of driver’s license suspension, while others stipulate that the driver’s license is suspended until he or she corrects his or her error.

  • For failure to pay a traffic ticket fine, comply with a summons, or appear in court, the driver’s license remains suspended until he or she has completed all obligations.
  • For drivers whose licenses have been suspended due to failure to meet Florida’s vision requirement, their licenses can be restored when they prove that they’ve corrected their vision to meet the state’s standards for drivers.
  • Any driver who has his or her driver’s license suspended for failing to pay his or her child support payments may have it restored once he or she becomes caught up with his or her child support payments.
  • Any driver whose license is suspended due to a non-DUI traffic violation that results in the death or serious injury of another person will have his or her driver’s license suspended for three months to one year.
  • For drivers whose licenses are suspended due to the accumulation of traffic violation points, the length of the suspension is determined by the number of points he or she accumulates and the amount of time in which he or she accumulated them:
    • For drivers who’ve accumulated 12 points in 12 months, their license is suspended for thirty days.
    • Accumulating 18 points in 18 months results in a three-month suspension
    • Accumulating 24 points in 36 months is a one-year suspension.
  • A DUI offense comes with a mandatory driver’s license suspension, which can be any length from six months to five years, depending on the circumstances of the arrest and the driver’s previous DUI record.

Our Boca Raton License Suspension Attorneys Can Help

If you’ve had your driver’s license suspended in Boca Raton or elsewhere in Florida and want to learn more about how you can have it reinstated, call Lavalle, Brown & Ronan, P.A. at 561-395-0000 to discuss the specifics of your case with a knowledgeable attorney.

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