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Boca Raton White Collar Crime Attorney

White collar crime is a term that refers to any type of nonviolent crime that is committed for financial gain. It is characterized largely by the group of people who most frequently commit white collar crimes; educated individuals who have the privilege, based on their occupation and other roles to commit financial criminal acts discreetly. White collar crimes are committed without the use of force, often in roundabout ways that utilize available data.

Forgery, bribery, embezzlement, identity theft, fraud, copyright infringement and money laundering are all examples of white collar crimes. These can be committed in conjunction with other white collar crimes or as part of a larger scheme that involves blue collar crime as well. Contact our Boca Raton white collar crime attorneys for more information.

Differences from Other Types of Crime

White collar crime differs from other types of crime significantly. For example, blue collar crime is the opposite of white collar crime in many ways. Examples of blue collar crime include arson, assault, theft and burglary, which rely on physical force instead of intangible data. There are other types of crime as well: crimes against humanity, organized crime, juvenile crime, war crimes, political crime, corporate crime and public-order crime. Some of these have overlaps with white and blue collar crime. For example, an act of investment fraud could be considered both corporate and white collar crime if it is committed by a corporation.

Certain cases have both criminal and civil elements and can be prosecuted as such. At the federal level, the Securities Exchange Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are responsible for identifying, prosecuting and overall reducing instances of white collar crime in the United States. At the state level, the Division of Consumer Services, part of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, is responsible for regulating various industries that are susceptible to white collar crimes like fraud and bribery.

Penalties for Boca Raton White Collar Crime

Penalties for white collar crimes can vary. Restitution, jail time, fines and probation are all possible penalties for an individual found guilty of committing a white collar crime.

White collar crime can be prosecuted at both the federal and state levels. In Florida, the White Collar Crime Victim Protection Act was enacted in 2013 to protect the state’s potential victims, notably the elderly, from white collar crime. The Act outlines all the criminal acts that are considered to be white collar crimes and their penalties. It identifies bad checks, credit card fraud, embezzlement, identity theft, forgery, and fraud as the most common types of white collar crime committed in Florida. Contact our Boca Raton white collar crime attorneys.

Our Boca Raton White Collar Crime Attorneys Can Help

Have you been accused of committing a white collar crime? Get started on your case’s defense right away. Call Lavalle, Brown & Ronan, P.A. at 561-395-0000 for your legal consultation. Our experience, knowledge and passion for justice will be your case’s greatest assets.

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