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When you think of an accident that leads to a personal injury claim, you likely think of a an auto accident, a slip and fall, or a similar type of incident that happens on a regular basis. While these are common types of personal injury cases, legal claims can arise out of innumerable circumstances. The following are some examples of odd injury claims that have been filed.

Killer whales can kill people

A man hid out in SeaWorld in Florida and snuck into the tank with the killer whale after hours and unsupervised. When the whale killed him, his parents filed a wrongful death suit against the park. The claim stated that by selling killer whale stuffed animals in the gift shop, the park was implying that the the whales were friendly and that the park failed to adequately warn people that killer whales actually might kill a person.

The House of Horrors was scary

A personal injury claim was initiated against Universal Studios in Florida after a woman stated she suffered psychological trauma after a visit the House of Horrors because she was so afraid. The court dismissed the case for failing to state a viable legal claim.

Injured by a dinner roll

A well-known restaurant in Missouri is known as the “Home of the Throwed Rolls” because the waitstaff throw the dinner rolls at diners. In a claim very recently filed, a man is claiming that a flying roll hit him in the eye and caused him a lacerated cornea and vision damage. He is claiming that restaurant knew or should have known that the practice of throwing rolls is dangerous.

Watching TV can make you sick

A man was watching an episode of the reality show “Fear Factor” on which contestants were challenged to eat rats. The man claimed that he became ill and, while trying to run to the bathroom to throw up, he hit his head on a doorway and suffered head trauma. He filed suit against NBC and requested more than $2 million, but he did not win his case.

Hot coffee is hot

Perhaps the most well-known bizarre personal injury claim was Liebeck v. McDonald’s Restaurants, in which a woman spilled a cup of McDonald’s coffee into her lap in her car. She suffered third degree burns, requiring hospitalization, painful skin grafts, and ongoing medical treatment for two years. She sued, claiming that McDonald’s served its hot coffee at an unsafe temperature. The case went to trial and a jury awarded her $2.86 million, though a judge reduced the award to $640,000 and the parties agreed to settle for an unknown amount during appeal. This case demonstrates that, at times, individuals injured in unusual circumstances can prevail in a subsequent personal injury case.

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