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Boca Raton Transactional Law Attorney

Any legal issue related to business and commerce falls into the category of transactional law. Whether you are an investor, an entrepreneur, a consumer, a shareholder, or a seller working with a buyer for your product or property, you can be involved in a transactional law dispute.

Transactional law is part of business law. It is the specific area of business law that deals with all issues of selling and purchasing products, rights, interest and shares in companies, and even companies themselves. Parties involved in transactional disputes can be in the public sector or the private sector and they can range in size from individual sole proprietorships to gigantic corporations. Contact our Boca Raton transactional law attorneys today, we can assist you.

Examples of Transactional Law Disputes

A few examples of the types of cases a transactional attorney might handle include:

  • Disputes regarding intellectual property and fair use;
  • Acquisition of real estate and other assets;
  • Drafting, revising, and enforcing sales contracts;
  • Disputes between shareholders regarding the sale or purchase of assets by a corporation;
  • Development of policies regarding legal compliance by a company;
  • Licensing a company’s intellectual property to others; and
  • The development of contracts for use by employees, vendors, and creditors of a company.

A transactional law attorney might be hired to aid in the merger of two companies by drafting contracts stating the terms of the merger. One might also work with a transactional attorney to file the necessary tax paperwork to qualify for certain tax benefits, like deducting the company’s losses by demonstrating that they were incurred while attempting to pursue a profit.

Resolving Transactional Legal Issues with a Boca Raton Transactional Law Attorney

As with nearly every other type of legal dispute, it is often preferred to resolve transactional disputes out of court rather than through litigation. But sometimes, this is not possible, which is why you should work with a lawyer who has experience litigating his or her clients’ cases.

Typically, business contracts state that any disputes that arise must be resolved, or at least attempted to be resolved, through a form of alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration. This keeps costs low, can aid in having the issue resolved in a relatively short time frame, and perhaps most importantly, keeps the details of the settlement private. If you are involved in a transactional dispute, your lawyer can determine your legal options and advise you about which would be the most effective choice for your case.

Work with an Experienced Boca Raton Transactional Attorney

If you are involved in a transactional law dispute, start working with an experienced transactional law attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you contact an attorney, the more time you will have to prepare a solid case that has a stronger chance of reaching a favorable resolution for you. To get started on your case, contact our team of experienced transactional law attorneys at Lavalle, Brown & Ronan, Attorneys at Law, today to schedule your initial consultation in our office.

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