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Auto accidents can occur in many different ways. For example, last month, a woman was involved in a single-car collision in Boca when her car hit the guardrail. She did not survive her injuries and, according to Florida Highway Patrol officers, she crashed after suffering an emergency medical issue while behind the wheel. When a single car is involved in a crash, eyes usually turn first to the driver of the car when determining fault. While driver error does often cause a single-car collision, the above case demonstrates that sometimes the accident was beyond the driver’s control. In some situations, a crash can occur due to a medical error while, in many others, a third party is to blame for causing the crash.

Anyone who sustains injuries or loses a family member in a single-car crash is entitled to compensation from the negligent party even if no one else crashed, as well. Determining liability in a single-car collision can be difficult, however, especially if the driver does not survive and cannot give their account of what happened. Even if the driver does survive, however, identifying the exact negligence that caused the accident can require thorough investigation. The following are some examples of negligence commonly involved in single-car accidents:

  • Manufacturing companies or mechanics — When an auto manufacturer sells a defective car part, that part can suddenly malfunction and cause a driver to lose control of the vehicle. Brakes, tires, axles, airbags, and steering systems are all examples of defects that can lead to single-car crashes. Similarly, if a mechanic does not properly repair a vehicle, it can also lead to a malfunction and a crash.
  • The government — State and local government entities are responsible for properly inspecting and maintaining the roads to keep them safe for motorists. If a driver suddenly hits a pothole, crack, break in the pavement, uneven pavement, or other hazardous condition, they can lose control and crash. Additionally, if the government sets speed limits too high for road conditions, drivers simply following the law may crash due to their speed.
  • Drivers of other vehicles — Even though another driver does not actually collide with your car does not mean they were not involved in your single-car crash. Drivers who are impaired or distracted may veer into your lane, cross the center line, or even cut you off, causing you to overcorrect or suddenly brake, which can lead to a crash. Though it may be difficult to identify such a driver because they usually keep driving, an attorney can help you use uninsured motorist coverage or other tools to recover for your losses

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