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Common Playground Injuries: Who Is Responsible?

With school out for the summer, your children may be making many trips to the park to play on the playground. While playgrounds can be good for social activity and recreation, the variety of equipment often poses the risk of personal injury to your child. If your child is injured on a playground, you should always discuss your case with an experienced Boca Raton personal injury lawyer to see who can be held liable.

Playground Accidents Can Result In Serious Injuries

Some playground accidents result in scrapes or bruises. However, other accidents may cause much more serious injuries, including the following:

  • Broken or fractured bones;
  • Face or jaw fractures;
  • Dental damage;
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI);
  • Neck and back injuries;
  • Spinal cord injury;
  • Serious contusions or lacerations;
  • Internal injuries.

Even if your child is not admitted to the hospital for an injury, you can still face medical bills for treatment in the emergency department, follow-up visits, physical therapy, medication, and more. If the injury is particularly serious and your child must stay in the hospital, it can result in tens of thousands of dollars in costs for surgeries, medical equipment, and other necessary treatment.

In addition, some playground injuries can leave children permanently disabled and their entire lives can be changed. For example, a spinal cord injury from a fall can leave a child permanently paralyzed from the waist or even the neck down. Such paralysis can completely change the course of a child’s life and they may feel the effects of their injuries for decades. They may not be able to attend the school they want, succeed in sports and other activities, pursue the career they may otherwise have pursued, and more.

Because serious injuries to children can cause such long-term and serious complications, determining the value of these cases can be complex. Our experienced lawyers will take into account all of your child’s losses to ensure that you receive the full amount for all of their losses.

Negligence Can Cause Playground Injuries

Because there is generally a lot of money at stake in these cases, it is imperative that you determine the correct party that caused the accident. Some common reasons for playground accidents include:

  • Rusty or worn equipment;
  • Failing to inspect the equipment for possible defects;
  • Not having adequate ground coverings for safety;
  • Having nails or screws sticking out of equipment;
  • Having inherently dangerous equipment;
  • Having a defective piece of equipment or incorrectly assembling equipment.

If the playground was in a public park, you may face unique issues because you have to sue the government. It is critical to have a knowledgeable attorney on your side who can identify negligence and handle the subsequent legal claim.

Discuss Your Case With An Experienced Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney

At the law office of Lavalle, Brown & Ronan, our Boca Raton personal injury attorneys know how to help children and their families affected by playground accidents and injuries. If you would like a free consultation, call today at 888-646-1315 for help.

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