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Have a Harley? Beware of Your Brakes

When you are riding a motorcycle at high speeds on the highway, you should be able to trust that your brakes will work in the event you need to slow down or stop. If you hit your brakes and they lock up or fail, it can be a terrifying experience. Even riders with significant experience may not be able to keep the bike from skidding or sliding and they may be involved in a terrible motorcycle accident. For this reason, motorcycle riders should always have their brakes regularly checked and maintained and should stay aware of any brake-related recalls that may occur.

According to numerous reports, many owners of Harley Davidson motorcycles may have cause for concern regarding their brakes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the federal agency that looks into possible widespread vehicle defects and recommends recalls if there is a safety risk. NHTSA recently launched an investigation into Harley models manufactured from 2008 to 2011 based on reports of sudden and unexpected brake failure. These models have been outfitted with a specific anti-lock brake system that is supposed to prevent sliding if a rider must suddenly slam on the brakes.

According to riders, the anti-lock brakes completely failed without any warning, leading to several accidents. One man reported this failure occurred while he was traveling 75 miles per hour. In addition, the following were reported:

  • Three motorcycles crashes;
  • Two injured riders;
  • Several reports of near-misses.

If NHTSA’s investigators deem that the brake failure is due to a defective braking system, a recall involving about 430,000 motorcycles will likely be issued.

Whether you drive motorcycle, a car, a truck, or any other type of vehicle, brakes are obviously one of the most important parts of the vehicle. If you are injured in an accident because of defective brakes, tires, or any other auto part, you may have the right to hold the manufacturer liable for your injury-related losses by filing a products liability claim. A products liability claim regarding brake failure generally involves one of the following assertions:

  • The brakes were defectively designed;
  • The brakes were improperly assembled, resulting in defects;
  • The manufacturer failed to warn of certain risks of the brake systems.

Determining what actually caused the brake failure often requires an investigation and even analysis by experts to prove exactly how the manufacturer was negligent in causing the brake failure.

Consult With an Experienced Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorney

Selling motorcycles or other vehicles with defective brakes is dangerous and companies should be held accountable for any accidents and injuries that result from their mistakes. At the law office of Lavalle, Brown & Ronan, we have the resources and skill to stand up to large manufacturers to seek the compensation that you deserve as an accident victim. These cases can be complicated, so you want a highly experienced personal injury lawyer on your side for the best possible chance at financial recovery. Please call us today at 888-646-1315 for a free consultation.

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