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Hoverboards Cause Many Injuries Nationwide

Millions of children across the United States had the same thing at the top of their holidays gift lists: a hoverboard. Hoverboards, which are actually two-wheeled scooters, are the newest trend in recreational vehicles in the U.S. Unfortunately for many families that purchased hoverboards, these vehicles also caused numerous people to spend their holiday in the emergency room with serious personal injuries. Since the introduction of hoverboards onto the mainstream consumer market, the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) has received many reports of different hazards the product presents.

Fire Hazards

Perhaps the most discussed hazard discovered with hoverboards is that some have been reported to suddenly “explode” or catch fire. If someone is riding the hoverboard while it catches fire, they can be seriously burned, especially on their lower body, in addition to other injuries caused by a usually inevitable fall. Some hoverboards that have caught fire without riders have been blamed for house fires or other similarly dangerous situations that could cause serious injury to anyone nearby. The CPSC is investigating the safety defect that causes the boards to burst into flames, but the investigation is ongoing. Anyone who has been burned or otherwise injured by an exploding hoverboard should discuss a potential legal claim with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Fall Hazards

While most people are talking about the fire hazard of hoverboards, the CPSC warns that consumers should not forget about the most obvious hazard of hoverboards–falls. These devices have no handles or anything that riders can use to steady or catch themselves should they lose their balance. The hoverboards do not come with helmets or any safety gear and most of the packaging does not warn users to wear helmets or padding. For this reason, at least 70 people were reported to seek medical attention in the emergency room from Christmas to December 28th and likely many more unreported injuries occurred. According to the CPSC warning, injuries have included concussions, internal organ damage, bone fractures, and more. Even Florida Congress Representative Carlos Curbelo reported that he broke his arm after he fell from the hoverboard he purchased for his daughter for Christmas.

When a company designs and sells a defective or inherently hazardous product and does not provide consumers with the necessary warnings they need to remain safe, that company should be held liable for any injuries that result from use of that product. Injured accident victims can file a products liability claim against the manufacturer of the product and hoverboards will likely be the source of many upcoming legal claims, especially in cases involving serious injuries. In the meantime, if you purchased or received a hoverboard, you should take every possible safety precaution to avoid injuries.

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