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How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help In Your Case


Following an arrest, many individuals are understandably confused and concerned about how to proceed, especially if they have not had prior experience with the Florida criminal justice system. Some people facing criminal charges may not believe that they need an attorney and may try to handle their case on their own. However, no matter how minor your charges may seem, the criminal process can be complicated and any conviction can have serious consequences. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can help you in many ways to improve your chances of a favorable result. The following are only some of the ways in which our attorneys help clients facing criminal matters.

Communicate With Law Enforcement

If you have been arrested or even just called into the police station to answer questions related to an investigation, it is imperative to have an attorney representing you during the interrogation. Though law enforcement officers may act as if they are on your side, they can and will use anything you say against you if possible. Even completely innocent individuals can make mistakes and say something that may seem incriminating, so you should have a lawyer by your side to limit the evidence police may have against you.

Seeking Dismissal Of Charges

If authorities violated your constitutional rights during or following an arrest, a defense lawyer can often have any evidence that resulted from the violation kept out of court. If this evidence is imperative to the prosecutor’s case, your charges may be dropped or dismissed. Additionally, if a prosecutor does not have accurate or adequate evidence against you, an attorney can work to have your case dismissed.

Negotiating A Favorable Plea Bargain

If you decide to plead guilty, you should always have a defense lawyer who understands how to negotiate with prosecutors to make sure you receive the most favorable plea bargain possible. An attorney can assert that you should receive probation instead of jail time or even participation in a diversion program such as Florida drug court to eliminate a conviction on your record. Without an attorney to negotiate your case, you will likely receive a harsher plea bargain.

Defending Against Wrongful Conviction

If you have been wrongfully charged and wish to fight against your charges at trial, we will aggressively advocate on your behalf in the courtroom. Criminal procedural rules in Florida are extremely complex and a successful defense often requires a skilled attorney with trial experience. Our legal team understands how to investigate a case and present evidence to challenge the prosecution’s allegations against you.

Call One of Our Boca Raton Criminal Defense Lawyers For Help Today

As you can see, there are many ways that an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you from the time of your arrest or police investigation to a jury trial, if applicable in your case. Anyone who has been arrested or charged should not hesitate to call the law office of Lavalle Brown & Ronan in Boca Raton. No case is too minor nor too serious for us to handle, so call us at 888-646-1315 today.

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