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How can a Criminal Defense Attorney Help Me?

Being charged with a crime can be an extremely confusing and frightening experience. Even relatively minor offenses can carry serious consequences, especially in cases where a defendant has a prior criminal history. These penalties can include significant fines, restitution, probation, and even jail time. Fortunately for people who are accused of criminal misconduct, there are many ways that a defense attorney can help mitigate the consequences associated with a particular offense. In some cases, a lawyer may even be able to have the case against you completely dropped. As a result, anyone who has been accused of a crime in Florida should discuss their options with an experienced Boca Raton criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

There are many ways that a skilled criminal defense attorney can help people who have been charged with crimes. Some of the most common include the following:

Protect your rights during any investigation that occurs – In order to obtain a criminal conviction, law enforcement often needs to conduct an intensive investigation into the details of a crime. The investigative techniques that they employ may include interviewing suspects, executing search warrants at a person’s home or place of work, requesting hair or tissue samples, or conducting surveillance. People who are under investigation for potential criminal activity have rights, but these rights are not always respected by law enforcement. In some cases, law enforcement officers may actually deliberately violate these rights in order to obtain evidence against a suspect. Fortunately for defendants, the exclusionary rule prevents illegally obtained evidence from being introduced in court. By hiring a criminal defense attorney, people who are accused of crimes can be sure that their legal rights are protected and that any violations that have already occurred are brought to the attention of the court.

Negotiate a plea arrangement with the prosecutor – Most criminal cases never reach trial. According to the United States Courts, more than 90 percent of all federal cases are resolved by the defendant pleading guilty. A plea bargain occurs when a guilty plea is given in exchange for the prosecution agreeing to recommend a more lenient sentence or charge the defendant with a less serious offense (resulting in less severe penalties). Generally speaking, the deal offered to a party who is represented by an attorney will be significantly better than the deal, if any, that is offered to a person who is unrepresented. This is because the prosecution would generally like to avoid the uncertainty that accompanies litigation, and a defendant who is represented by a lawyer is much more likely to prevail at trial than one who is not.

Control what information is made public – Sometimes, people who are in the public eye or in positions of public trust are accused of crimes. In others, an alleged crime can capture the public’s attention, resulting in intense media scrutiny. In these cases, it is important that people who stand accused of crimes retain an attorney who understands how to manage the information that is made public regarding a specific case.

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