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How is negligence determined in an auto accident case?

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Well, negligence is determined by the people reviewing it, which may be an insurance company in your counsel. It may be a mediator at a mediation, or it may be a judge or jury later on. What happens in these cases, typically, there’s an accident and a ticket is issued. That would suggest who’s at fault and you do have our laws which require that everybody act in a fashion which is reasonable. In other words, if someone’s not acting in a reasonable way, they are arguably negligent.

People, the professionals that handle these cases, they have a very good idea who’s liable in every case and if there’s an argument for it or against it, it is made at that time. That’s why it’s a good idea to get competent counsel, collect your evidence, get your experts lined up so you can prove liability and who’s responsible for your client’s injuries.

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