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Pokemon Go Is Causing Injuries


Over the summer, the explosive hit game Pokemon Go was introduced as a mobile app. Millions of people downloaded the app, which became more popular than many social media giants in the first few weeks. The game is loved by both young children who are just being introduced to the Pokemon franchise, as well as adults who remember these beloved characters from the earlier installments of Pokemon games. No matter who is playing, however, one thing is for certain – people are suffering personal injuries as result of playing this seemingly harmless game.

When you play Pokemon Go, your smartphone uses geolocation technology to guide you to different places where there may be Pokemon characters, PokeStops, PokeGyms, and other places for teams and opponents to gather to battle. In addition, while you are playing, Pokemon characters may appear at any time and they are superimposed onto the real world view through your phone. Players then swipe on their phones until they “catch” the different characters and collect them. Most of the game requires almost constant attention to your phone, which is causing problems out in the world.

Distracted Driving and Walking

As if people staring at their phones to text or look at Facebook was not already a big enough problem, now there are drivers who may be playing Pokemon Go while they are behind the wheel. Many people have even tweeted photos showing them trying to catch Pokemon characters while they were on the road or highway. Actively playing games on a smartphone is one of the most dangerous distractions imaginable, as it takes a driver’s eyes off of the road, hands off the wheel (as they have to hold the phone and swipe to catch the Pokemon), and their mind off of the act of driving. This can easily result in serious accidents and devastating injuries to others. One driver who was admittedly playing the game even crashed directly into a parked police car. If you were injured by a driver who was playing Pokemon Go, you have the right to hold that driver accountable for your medical bills, lost wages, and any other losses that resulted from the accident.

Distracted walking can be just as dangerous if it results in pedestrian collisions. While drivers should be watching for pedestrians, pedestrians also have the duty to be safe and alert when crossing the street. If a person steps into traffic because they were playing Pokemon Go, they may be held liable for damage caused to vehicles or injuries to drivers. Drivers may swerve out of the way to avoid a collision and may crash into another vehicle instead. In such cases, the distracted Pokemon Go player may be responsible for all of the losses of the accident victims.

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