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Case Results

  • Boca Raton Attorney, Ken Ronan, Helps Win $104.9 Million For Families Of Sexually Abused Boys.
  • $4,610,000.00 settlement for female seriously injured in automobile crash.
  • Boca Raton Attorneys, John E. Schwencke and Ken Ronan are awarded $11,750,000.00 for a confidential Jane Doe.
  • Substantial confidential settlement obtained for public figure against national tabloid.
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Client Testimonials

“Wonderful lawyers, that actually care more about the human beings they are serving than the bottom line. You won’t find a more capable anywhere in the area. If you want honest diligent lawyers that fight for you the way you would fight for yourself, then call Lavalle, Brown and Ronan!”

– Michael Pocker

“With Lavalle, Brown & Ronan, not only were they able to successfully help me through my legal issue, they made the entire experience as easy and as less stressful as possible. Their service was incredible and they communicated everything better than I could have hoped. This is a genuine team of people that not only are dependable, they will not stop working until they provide you with a successful outcome. I absolutely recommend them!”

– Taryn

“The best Damn law firm in Palm Beach County Case worker Richard Bagdasarian is the best at getting positive results If you ever need help with a traffic ticket Shara Silvia is the one you want”

– John

“One of the most professional law firms I have ever dealt with. They handled my situation in half the time I thought it would take. I would recommend them to anyone.”

– Lisa

“Thanks to Lavalle, Brown & Ronan I was able to win my personal injury case. They provided excellent service and kept me abreast of the case at all times. They were there to answer any questions along the way in a professional, but easy to understand manner. Ken and his team were great to work with. I highly recommend them!”

– T. Smith

“Having an experienced law firm, like Lavalle Brown & Ronan on your side is essential in today’s day and age. I continue to rely on their representation for all of my business. I am very happy with my experience and I recommend them to all of my friends & family!”

– Ulysses M.

“Law firm was very professional and effective. Nicole and MV always looked out for me. They would call back or email me even on weekends. They never took advantage of taking money, instead were compassionate and understanding my needs and resolved in the most cost effective way. Truly they cared! Love ‘em 2 thumbs up!”

– Anonymous

“Finding people you can trust is always a necessity when it comes to legal issues, its critical. Lavalle Brown & Ronan have never failed to deliver superb legal representation without fail. I have and would recommend their services to my family members and closest friends always in good conscience.”

– James M.

“We had a very serious situation occur with one of our operating companies. Within 24 hours Ken Ronan and his team were on the case. It was very time sensitive and required quick action. It was also a very complex case that needed strong and decisive action. In less than 10 days the entire issue was resolved. Can’t say enough about the responsiveness and depth of legal knowledge that came to our assistance. ”

– Craig O.
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