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What do I need to bring to the initial consultation with my attorney in my Florida boating accident case?

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I don’t know if you need to bring anything necessarily. I will say this, there are some of the things the lawyers will definitely want to see. You need to collect all of your biographical information that they possibly have. The extent there’s been an accident report taken, they’ll want any information you have. In that regard, the extent you have any insurance information, they’re definitely going to want that information. If you have any witnesses, they’re going to want their names so they can talk to those witnesses. If you have any photographs or other evidence, they’ll want to see that.

You don’t need to bring those things because it’s part of the lawyer’s job and what we expect is we’re going to investigate. We’re going to hire our experts, and we’re going to collect the evidence, that’s what we’re hired for. You just need to get the right lawyers that know how to handle these types of cases. Make sure you make the appointment, bring yourself. That’s the best thing.

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